This is Jay's profile and he loves pie 'kay

About JayEdit

Jay is not only a bird but a epic one at that. Jay is the pie god. Jay's favorite colour is black. He can't fly so jay is basically a penguin. Jay is in a happy relationship with summer <3


Jayki = jay + kiki AKA The bestest ship Im in cos i love Kiki.... A LOT. <3 P.S. Kiki so did NOT write this cx

Summay = Jay + Summer aka the bestest couple of all time and winter formal <3 

Zay = jay- +zach 

Jaylia = jay + julia

Kay = jay + kekai because we really need a ship xD

Jayanna = jay + anna 

Jemma = jay + emma

Elay = jay + elaine

Bay = jay + ben (Le Prom 3 duh..)

Jastin = jay + justin

Gay = jay + gareth

Jilk = jay + milk (malc)